ISO 9001: 2015 Certified – See certificate here
BSI PD 5454:2012 – Storage of Archival Documents in a Designated Area.

This gives recommendations for the storage and exhibition of documents including books and other library materials.

These recommendations apply to the permanent and temporary storage of documents and equally apply to materials which are subject to restricted access or are on display.

PD 5454:2012 is for the use of archivists, librarians, conservators, engineers, and those concerned with the planning, construction, equipment, maintenance and working of storage repositories and their associated search – rooms, reading rooms and display areas.

The recommendations in PD 5454:2012 apply to all traditional archival materials and formats, such as paper and parchment documents, books, maps and plans and cover guidance on photographic media common to archives and on more modern machine-readable media.

ISO 14001 – 2015 Environmental Approved Systems

Safekeeping Ltd is fully compliant with both of the above standards and is externally audited on an annual basis. This assures our clients that conditions in and around the facility, are the best available for permanent storage of paper documents and digital media.